About Jonathan's Voice

Strategic aims, direction and future planning

Our aims as a mental health charity

To increase the understanding of mental health and suicide risk for the purposes of reducing stigma and empowering individuals to speak about mental health, including knowing how to respond.

To educate organisations, especially in the professional environment, for the purpose of encouraging them to create the right support structures, policies and practice to support employees with mental health and well-being.

To support research into suicide. The research explores male suicide, specifically the cultural and social factors that put men at risk of suicidal despair and the factors that can aid men to recover a meaningful life.

Our work – an overview

  • Jonathan, in whose name the charity was founded was a patent attorney. We therefore have a particular focus on the staff working in the intellectual property sector and associated professions.

  • We work alongside professional institutions, individual firms and CIPA (Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys), CITMA (Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys) and IP (Intellectual Property) Inclusive to help develop mentally healthy workplaces where all may thrive.

  • We also are pleased to respond to invitations to talk to community groups about mental health and wellbeing to increase awareness.

  • As a charity all we offer is free at the point of delivery but we depend on donations and fund raising to be sustainable.

Jonathan’s Voice seeks to increase awareness of the need to protect mental health, understand suicide risk, reduce stigma, empower individuals to speak about their mental health and give individuals confidence in responding.


Talks and promotional stands at conferences

Using social media to promote what we do and keep the conversation about mental health going

Interviews, magazine articles and podcasts

Blogs on our Website



Psycho-educational online webinars delivered on a range of relevant topics

Bespoke online and in-person training for line managers

A range of downloadable and online guides


Support research into the prevention of male suicide

Currently Professor Rory O’Connor and Ms Susie Bennett at the Suicidal Behavioural Lab, University of Glasgow

Translating research outcomes into practice-based settings

Evidence-informed, inclusive training, resources developed and delivered by experienced and well-qualified clinicians, free at the point of delivery supported by corporate sponsorships, donations and fund raising. In the last financial year, 96% of our expenditure was on charitable activities.

Strategic vision

By 31 October 2025 we will have:

Become the go-to trainer of choice for promoting good mental health in IP.

Regularly produced innovative cutting-edge resources targeted at IP using a range of media.

Have created a resource from current research into male suicide.
Identified a new research project on male suicide to support with a view to practical application.

Have robust systems in place to ensure effective continuity.
Ensured that fundraising and donations are sufficient to keep the charity sustainable.