Research we fund

Jonathan’s Voice part funds research into male suicide that is being undertaken at the University of Glasgow Suicidal Behavioural Laboratory under the direction of Prof Rory O’Connor. Susie Bennett is the researcher on the project and provides regular updates on the progress of her work. An extract from Susie’s most recent one is below. Jonathan’s Voice is very pleased with the way the research is progressing and with the commitment and dedication of Susie.

If you would like to know more about the project or to donate specifically to this research, please get in touch

I have now launched the final part of my PhD study. Working with people bereaved by male suicide and men who are suicidal, we are co-designing a research agenda for investigating male suicide. Based on findings from the existing evidence base, many research questions need to be investigated to further our understanding of male suicide risk and recovery. However, the research world has limited resources to tackle these questions. By asking people with lived experience which questions they consider most important, we aim to develop an agenda of priorities to focus the work of academics, charities and researchers. The research questions in our study are based on existing evidence of some of the challenges men who are suicidal face. Nine leading global academic experts in male suicide are supporting the study and have reviewed the research questions and contributed their feedback. We have recruited 400 people worldwide to participate in the lived experience panels from diverse locations such as Australia, India, Syria, and of course, the UK. We hope to capture a rich and diverse picture of the key priorities to help guide our future research work I look forward to sharing the findings with you.

March 2022