Training & Consultancy

Line Managers and Supervisors

People are often given management or supervisory responsibility because they are good at their job. Rarely are they given training in the ‘people skills’ side of managing, especially the challenge of dealing with mental health difficulties when they arise.

Our current training offer:

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Skills and strategies for line managers and supervisors

This training workshop takes a practical skills-based approach to understanding and managing staff mental health.

What we cover

  • Understanding common mental health difficulties and how they might impact on people’s work
  • Recognising the signs and symptoms
  • How to raise the issue; how to respond to disclosures
  • Managing the team dynamics
  • Supporting sickness absence and returns to work
  • Reasonable adjustments
  • Referring on; when and where?
  • What to do in a mental health crisis
  • The importance of self-care



  • One-day face to face training delivered through a combination of taught input, videos, group work and case studies. Optimum numbers 12- 18. Minimum number 6.
  • A shorter 3.5-hour online version is available but the value of being in a room together, the build-up of trust over the day, the use of in-person skills practice and the flexibility around discussion means that the full value of the learning experience is compromised. Attendance on the general mental health awareness session is also a pre-requisite for the online version to ensure all areas are covered.


We will always consult with you beforehand to ensure that it is entirely relevant and appropriate for you and reference any HR policies or guidelines you have in place.

Essential communication skills for line managers

A 90-minute interactive online workshop.

What we cover

  • What do we mean by communication?
  • Why keeping in touch is so important
  • What happens when we stop communicating?
  • Impact of Covid and remote working
  • Best ways of keeping in touch with teams and individuals
  • Psychological Safety
  • Learning how to listen



The session will be delivered using a combination of facilitator input, group discussions and case studies.