Annual report summary

Our achievements (up to 31.12.19)

The text below is in part extracted from our latest report to the Charity Commission.

The next submission to the Charity Commission covering the financial year 2020- 2021 will be filed shortly. There was no requirement to write a report covering the year 2019-2020


Information and Resources

We have brought together information from a wide range of sources including the National Suicide Prevention Alliance, the Mental Health at Work website, and nationally recognised reports and government reviews.

We have collaborated with IP (Intellectual Property) Inclusive and CIPA (Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys) in a survey of mental health and mental wellbeing in the intellectual property (IP) professions and communicated widely the findings. We used the statistics from that report in our resources and incorporated its recommendations into our planning.

We have produced and distributed a range of materials such as posters, stationery, postcards and Z-cards which carry clear messages to individuals and organisations about looking after mental health and well-being. We are very pleased that as the charity is becoming known more widely, we are being approached by more organizations and groups to provide input or signposting to further support and resources.

The charity has entered into a fruitful collaboration with the Charlie Waller Trust and has collaborated on a bespoke guide for intellectual property professionals “Protecting your mental health and wellbeing”. It was very positively received. One reader commented, “a brilliant resource for all IP professionals – and lawyers generally”. We are in the process of creating three more guides for different audiences.

Talks, Workshops and Webinars

We have delivered talks, workshops and webinars which have provided information and guidance on looking after mental wellbeing. We have participated in webinars through association with the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) and IP Inclusive. On some occasions, there have been over one hundred individuals listening to these presentations which have also been made available as podcasts.

We have been invited to workplaces across the country to provide short seminars about mental wellbeing. Some of these have been given to individual firms, but others have attracted attendees from across the region. We have also presented at universities, research establishments, industry and government organisations (UKRI in Swindon and IPO in Newport) with up to 80 attendees at some lunchtime events. In some instances, we have had follow-up meetings to assist organisations with mental health planning and to provide relevant resources. The charity has very good links with representatives of trainees in the profession and given talks at training events.

Presentations at Conferences

We have presented at conferences and meetings open to the general public. Over 80 people attended a talk at Nottingham Trent University, and we were delighted to be invited to participate in a Workshop at the November 2019 “This Can Happen” conference which drew participation from many companies and over 500 delegates.

Nottingham Forest Football Club Community Trust (NFCT)

Early on, we contacted Nottingham Forest Community Trust (NFCT) to seek their assistance in raising the issue of taking care of mental health. Following some initial very positive work, NFCT has gone on to work with the Institute of Mental Health in University of Nottingham to create three short social media videos and develop a “hub” (a safe meeting space) on their premises. Through this involvement, the public, in particular men, has gained a greater awareness of mental health.

 In the Media

We have developed a website where blogs are regularly posted. These provide updates, guidance and commentaries on a range of mental health topics. We have collaborated with the organisation IP Inclusive to develop a specialist resource section on their website concerned with mental health and wellbeing. We operate a Twitter account (@Jonathans_Voice) where regular tweets relating to mental health and suicide prevention issues are tweeted. We have given interviews to local and national media. This includes BBC Radio Nottingham, BBC Radio Oxford and Sky News/Virgin Radio.

We have assisted in the creation of an article for a community magazine that is delivered free to over 20,000 homes in the Bristol area. Each month the magazine carries an advertisement about the Jonathan’s Voice with the theme, “It’s ok not to be ok”. We have also provided articles for local and professional publications.

All activities, communications and resources carry the message “It is ok not to be ok” One of our objectives is to remove stigma and support people to speak out so that so mental health will improve and lives may be saved.