Training & Consultancy

Mental health awareness training
for all staff

We have a selection of webinars aimed at all staff members to help support their mental health. We will always try to work with you in ensuring that what we deliver is appropriate to your company.

NB the trainer may use breakout rooms to give participants a chance to share experiences and ideas.

Please contact for more details or to discuss your requirements

Mental Health Matters: a proactive approach

A practical introduction to understanding mental health and good self-care.

What we cover

  • Exploring what we mean by ‘mental health’,
  • Looking at how experiencing a mental health difficulty, including stress might impact on your work
  • Strategies for looking after your own mental health
  • Helping others, including what to do in a crisis
  • What to do if you are struggling



  • A non-interactive 60-minute online webinar.
  • There is also a 90-minute version which provides greater opportunity for small group discussion and use of video. This could also be delivered in person, if appropriate.

Understanding and managing your stress at work

A 90-minute interactive online workshop.

What we cover

  • The nature of stress in the workplace.
  • We will explore how it can affect the way we experience and respond to situations and how we can influence or manage this.
  • We will cover some practical solutions such as reviewing your stressors by taking a personal ‘risk assessment’ approach, the importance of taking breaks and calming techniques such as self-compassion.
  • Some practical techniques for managing stress at work
  • There will also be an opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas with colleagues.



  • A 60-minute online webinar, with an optional 10-minute mindfulness practice at the end.
  • A more detailed 2-hour session (online or in person). This goes in greater depth and uses video, group discussion and has longer to explore stress management techniques.

Looking after your digital wellbeing

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in all aspects of our lives. While this can be enormously beneficial, it can also impact negatively on our mental wellbeing if we are not careful.

What we cover

  • Role of digital technology in our working and social lives
  • Why we need to look after our digital wellbeing
  • Impact of excessive use of technology
  • Digital wellbeing in the workplace and how to protect yourself
  • Tips for looking after your digital wellbeing at home, including the impact of cybercrime.



50 mins online