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Blue Monday: is it the saddest day of the year?

Blue Monday is often described as the saddest day of the year. Evidence indicates it was concocted 15 years ago by a travel company. On this day # Blue Monday trends on twitter and the internet is swamped with deals to beat the ‘blues’. There is no real science behind this. Read more here.

There’s no doubt that the beginning of a new year can induce feelings of sadness. For some it will be a renewed sense of loss, weariness, hopelessness or despair because of the situations they find themselves in. For others perhaps a sense of being utterly overwhelmed by the apparently relentless pressures of work from which the recent holiday, or the next one, will only be a brief reprieve.

Jonathan’s Voice promotes ways of looking after your mental health. The Five Steps to Mental Well-being are set out really well on the NHS website. There are some very practical “Do’s as well as some “Don’ts”! The site is certainly worth a visit, if only as a reminder.

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