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Christmas Post

Christmas is a great time to remember friends and family and catch up on what’s happened during the year. So many lovely cards to choose from, many supporting a wide range of really worthwhile charities. This year, we were delighted that the Card Factory Foundation produced for us 500 beautiful Christmas cards that many of our supporters were pleased to send out. They were very popular and we were pleased that we couldn’t take any more orders after the middle of November! We were not aiming to raise money or even cover the cost through donations as the Card Foundation generously provided them free of charge.

We hope that we have raised the profile of mental health and been able to draw attention to the importance of mental health and wellbeing; perhaps starting a conversation or challenging the stigma. We’ve had a great response so far. Thanks to everybody involved; designers, printers and those who sent the cards to their friends and family.

 Let’s keep speaking out for mental health

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