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Mental Health and Wellbeing – Articles from LawCare

Jonathan’s Voice is pleased to work closely with LawCare who have recently produced some excellent articles on the topics below which are very relevant to mental health and wellbeing. We are sharing them below. This short digest was compiled by IP Inclusive and first appeared on the IP Inclusive EDI Charter Group page.

We are grateful to both IP Inclusive and to LawCare for being able to reproduce them here.

LawCare Articles

Neuroscience and mental health: strategies to help you regulate your nervous system

an article addressing how we can use findings from neuroscience to help us manage stress and other challenges in our daily and professional lives.

Fostering a positive emotional culture in the legal sector: a vital pathway to mental health and wellbeing

an article about how the legal profession can transform into a more compassionate, effective, and sustainable field.

Digital – the 5th pillar of workplace wellbeing

 an article about the role digital technology takes in the lives of legal professionals, and how it should be considered the 5th pillar of workplace wellbeing.

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