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Mental Health Awareness Week Theme: Kindness

As we enter another week of ‘lockdown’, it is becoming increasingly clear what a challenging time this is and that we need to be looking after everyone’s mental health and well-being. A key aspect of this is to empower people to speak up and support each other.

For many people there is a clear link between physical and mental health. It has been evident from the Park Run web site that for a lot of runners their normal Saturday morning Park Run is being missed. Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr Jen Unwin and Dr Simon Tobin, an NHS GP, have written a piece, entitled, The five ways of well-being. These are: Connect, Be Active, Notice, Keep Learning and importantly Give.

It is interesting to note that the Mental Health Foundation’s, Mental Health Awareness Week theme this year is Kindness. The key message from both organisations is that being kind and /or giving to others  is not only good for the individual but also for the person on the receiving end of the act.

So, during these difficult times it is as important as ever to be kind to each other and yourself.

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