Looking forward to the next 12 months, we will be:

  • Contributing to populating the new Mental Health pages on the IP (Intellectual Property) Inclusive website


  •  Working together with IP Inclusive and others to develop resources for Mental Health awareness week in May 2019. A webinar is planned and will be devised by the charity.


  • CIPA (Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys) and IP Inclusive have published a report on Mental Health in the profession. It is dedicated to Jonathan’s Voice. IP Inclusive is establishing a working party (on which the charity will be represented) to consider how the recommendations can be implemented.


  • Continue (with others) work on a mental health policy template for employers and encouraging firms to sign the Employer’s Pledge


  • Giving talks to workplaces and other groups (including at Nottingham Trent University) around workplace wellbeing, mental health issues and Jonathan’s story