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Our Future Plans


  • Proactively engage with organizations, particularly, but not exclusively in the intellectual property profession to create mentally healthy workplaces and provide resources, including human resources, to support this. Measure change.
  • Embed the relevant recommendations of the 2019 IP Inclusive, CIPA (Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys), CITMA (Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys) survey on Mental Health
  • Produce and effectively disseminate the guide for senior leaders to underpin the above
  • Direct organizations to the mental health pages of the IP Inclusive website and the Charlie Waller Trust website. Both have excellent resources for the development of mental health training and planning.
  • Benchmark progress against the Core Standards identified in the Stevenson Farmer Review (October 2017) “Thriving at Work”.

Guides to Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Continue to promote the well-received guide to mental health and wellbeing for patent attorneys and trade mark professionals through all channels.
  • Create other bespoke guides; initially for paralegals and early career researchers

IP Training Providers

  • Work with Nottingham Trent Law School, Queen Mary University London, Bournemouth University and JDD consultants all of whom who provide training for patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys to raise awareness of issues surrounding mental health and wellbeing and the support available.


  • Continue to support the research at Glasgow University on suicidal behaviour in men, disseminating interim findings where appropriate.


  • Further develop social media; Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.
  • Further develop the website and keep it updated.
  • Seek and respond to opportunities for radio and TV interviews.
  • Research the viability and benefit of awarding a prize for journalism related to metal health and wellbeing.

Advisory Board

  • Make good use of the extensive expertise, knowledge and connections of the newly appointed Advisory Board (details of members elsewhere on the site).

Raising Awareness

  • Respond to, and proactively seek invitations to participate in national conferences, give presentations, contribute to webinars, seminars and interviews.
  • Present to community groups.


  • Maintain and develop existing relationships with organizations beyond the IP field to support mental health and wellbeing.
  • Facilitate communication between groups within the IP profession and also with other organizations with whom the charity has contact in order to disseminate and share experience and expertise.


  • Create proportionate and purposeful ways of measuring the impact of our work.


  • Raise funds to continue and develop further the above.


December 2020

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