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Suicide Rates Rise

September 10th was World Suicide Prevention Day. Sadly, the suicide rate amongst the male population has reached the highest level in two decades according the Office for National Statistics (ONS) recent report. The deaths of men accounted for about three quarters  of all deaths by suicide in 2019 (male deaths:4303, female deaths:1388).

Men in their mid to late 40s had the highest of suicide and this is concerning the CEO of the  Samaritans as it is a trend  that has persisted for decades. They are particularly concerned that middle aged men are facing economic hardship because of Covid 19. The ONS indicates that this may also be due to the fact this age group are also less likely to seek help.

Vicky Nash head of policy and campaigns at Mind, suggests that a significant proportion of those who take their lives have asked for help. It is evident that support at these times is so important. So what’s going wrong?

Jonathan’s Voice is committed to reducing the stigma around mental health and empowering people to speak up and reach out for help. It is equally committed to working with organisations to develop effective mental health and well-being policies and practice in the workplace in order to avert the desperate crisis that can overwhelm a person who goes on to take their on life.

Remember, “It’s ok not to be ok

For more information on what the charity can offer, please get in touch at val@jonathansvoice.org

Jackie Scruton

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