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The case for greater Compassion + Self Compassion

The article “The case for greater Compassion + Self Compassion” was written by Nick Bloy from Wellbeing Republic. It was first published on the IP Inclusive website on Mental health Awareness Day in October 2019. It is a powerful article that explains why compassion is important and equally so, self-compassion. You can read it here Nick describes three elements of compassion; noticing (how someone is), feeling (a sense of empathy) and responding with kindness.

Kindness doesn’t need a policy, a special place to do it or particular training but it does need a way of thinking and being. Smiling and saying hello, making someone a drink, giving positive encouragement and praise are acts of kindness. It has a positive effect on both people involved.

Self compassion, is often harder. It can be difficult to accept our own shortcomings. Nick explores in detail self compassion, and how we might be more accepting of ourselves and why both are so important in the workplace.   Even if you don’t have time to read all of this inspiring piece maybe an act of kindness and being kind to yourself today would not go amiss.

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