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Update on NSPA Conference

I just thought I would take a few minutes to write further about the National Suicide Prevention Alliance conference I was at last month. It was great to hear about the Bank of England’s Mental Health Network and how across the organization they have developed and put into action a mental wellbeing programme – there’s so much to be learnt from programs like this.

And across the day workshops offered an opportunity to meet with others, talk through the issues and make connections on particularly relevant topics – men, suicide and the workplace.

Finally, if you have chance take a look at Roses in the Ocean (http://rosesintheocean.com.au) – its founder – Bronwen Edwards – gave a really inspirational session on how something positive can come from desperately sad suicide.

We’ve a lot to do here at Jonathan’s Voice – but we’re looking forward to working together with organizations like the NSPA to tackle this big issue.

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