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Using Mindfulness at Work – a practical introduction

Who owns your attention: you, your phone or your runaway thoughts? Mindfulness practices put you in a position to manage and direct your attention and decide what to focus on and what to set aside, in ways that can support both how you work and how you feel.

On May 18th, attendees joined us for a Jonathan’s Voice and IP Inclusive event to mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2023. This wonderful session, led by mindfulness expert Dr Sally Rose, introduced mindfulness practices and concepts that can help us focus, manage distractions and build mental stability. It outlined how mindfulness equips us to recognise difficulties when they arise and to meet them head on, which in turn can develop our stress tolerance and open up new possibilities for coping and adapting. By learning to step back and observe difficulties from a stable position, whether at work or at home, you can make better choices on how to manage them better and respond more effectively.

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A recording of the webinar is also available here. Thank you to Anne Burgato and IP Inclusive for providing this excellent summary of the event and producing the recording

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