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Welcome and Goodbye

At the end of March, we are saying goodbye to June Dent who is retiring and welcoming Penelope Aspinall.

June has been our mental health consultant for the past two years and has done a wonderful job in developing the work of Jonathan’s Voice in so many different directions. We are indebted to June for the significant work that she has undertaken in strategic planning, providing a clear direction for the charity, extending our networks and establishing and running our Advisory Board. This has all been done has been with energy, persistence, enthusiasm, and great commitment to the charity. We are very grateful for the huge contribution that she has made and wish her well in her retirement.

We are delighted to welcome June’s successor, Penelope Aspinall who has been appointed to the role of mental health consultant from March 1st. Penny has been involved in Jonathan’s Voice for a number of years. She has provided a various training events for IP professionals on behalf of the charity, participated in webinars and is the principal author of the three guides to mental health and wellbeing that the charity has created. Penny has a thorough understanding of the IP sector and comes with a wealth of experience of mental health and wellbeing gained in a range of diverse settings. We warmly welcome Penny and look forward to working with her.

If you would like to know what Jonathan’s Voice can offer your organization in terms of consultancy or training, please get in touch by emailing val@jonathansvoice.org.uk

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