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Cambridgeshire Law Society

Penny Aspinall (Mental Health consultant, Jonathan’s Voice and Graham McCartney (Founder and Trustee) were very pleased to be invited by the Cambridgeshire Law Society to give a presentation to their members at their July meeting. The session began with an introduction to Jonathan’s Voice and the reason why the charity was founded and went on to explore the concept of imposter syndrome  and perfectionism.

Many people in high-achieving roles can be mercilessly perfectionistic, giving themselves impossibly high standards and then inevitably falling short.  This can often although not always, go hand in hand with Imposter Syndrome, where you feel that you are a fraud and in danger of getting ‘found out’ at any moment.  Both can be very destructive to our mental health as they generate huge amounts of self-doubt and anxiety. The session explored the mental health challenges in the legal and related professions, explore perfectionism and Imposter syndrome and importantly, ways to combat them.

These concepts are by no means restricted to the Law sector so do get in touch with Jonathan’s Voice  val@jonathansvoice.org.uk   if you would like to discuss a mental health learning and development for your group or organization. We make no charge but do welcome donations to support the continuing work of the charity.

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