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Darkness to Hope

An IP Inclusive and Jonathan’s Voice event to mark World Suicide Prevention Day.

12.30 – 1.30 PM

The theme for the day this year is “Creating Hope Through Action”. Our webinar will include a pre-recorded video by Tiago Zortea which will look at current research, outcomes and what might act as preventative measures. Professor Andrew Reeves and Mark Fudge will share how their work as counsellors supports those in dark places. There will be an opportunity for questions, to see where groups and individuals have found hope and time to reflect on how we might bring or find hope.

Our speakers have considerable expertise in the area of suicide. Tiago Zortea is a clinical psychologist in training at the University of Oxford. Professor Andrew Reeves is Professor in Counselling Professions and Mental Health and a BACP Senior Registered Counsellor/Psychotherapist. Mark Fudge has worked as a counsellor within higher education for 20 years and previously had a career in health development.

Sign up here, the event is open to anyone who is interested.


For more information contact val@jonathansvoice.org.uk

This event is free. So are all IP Inclusive’s resources (https://ipinclusive.org.uk/ ). Our events and resources are also free at the point of delivery (https://jonathansvoice.org.uk/training-and-consultancy ).

That said, both organisations do need money to keep the show on the road, so if you enjoy the event please consider contributing. For more information, visit the IP Inclusive fundraising page or the Jonathan’s Voice donations page.

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