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Healthy eating to feel good

A new year is often a time for some of us to think about our possible over indulgence over the festive period. I thought it pertinent to remind ourselves of the link between mental well-being and diet. Eating well can help us all feel better, but how can we achieve this? It does not need to be difficult, especially if you are able to share a meal with friends, good food and good company. Here are some specific helpful tips:

  1. Eat regularly: as our blood sugar level drops, we can become tired and irritable.
  2. Include some protein with every meal: this is helpful because it contains amino acids, these help the brain to regulate mood.
  3. Include more whole grains fruit and vegetables: They contain minerals and vitamins to keep general health and fitness
  4. Eat the right balance of fats: as your brain needs healthy fats to work well try eating things such as oily fish, nuts, seeds, milk and eggs. Try and avid trans fats which are often found in packaged or processed food 
  5. Stay hydrated and avoid too much caffeine.

The NHS has a very good guide to eating well

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