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Jonathan’s Voice “visits” Chicago!

In 2017 Jonathan had a three month secondment with Chicago-based firm Banner Witcoff. He valued his time there and the friendships that had been made. He maintained this close connection when he returned to the UK. In January, Jonathan’s Voice had the great pleasure of delivering a webinar for IP colleagues at Banner Witcoff. We were delighted to have over 90 participants at the event. 

Graham provided a short introduction to work of Jonathan’s Voice and also referred to some of the findings of the IP Inclusive and Jonathan’s Voice 2022 survey of mental wellbeing in the profession in the UK.  Penelope Aspinall gave an excellent talk entitled “Mental Health Matters: a proactive approach”. More detail about this topic about this can be found in our guide https://jonathansvoice.org.uk/resources-2  There was a very interesting and informative discussion with colleagues at Banner Witcoff who highlighted some of the reports that have been published in recent times in the USA. The five key recommendations of a recent report echo activities that Jonathan’s Voice is already pursuing including eliminating the stigma associated with seeking help, educating law professionals at all levels on well-being issues, and taking small incremental steps in working practices to instil greater well-being in the profession. 

Thank you to the Wellness Committee at Banner Witcoff for their invitation, especially Anna King and Marcie Burkhardt 

If you would like to organise a similar event for your firm, please get in touch info@jonathansvoice.org.uk or take a look at what we offer on our website https://jonathansvoice.org.uk/training-consultancy Thanks to Zoom we can reach out to you wherever in the world you operate!

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