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IP Inclusive Senior Leaders’ Pledge

Jonathan’s Voice, an Intellectual Property (IP) focused mental health charity, welcomes and whole heartedly endorses the IP Inclusive Senior Leaders’ Pledge that was launched in July.

Its aim is to help senior professionals provide visible and active leadership on improving diversity and inclusion (D&I) in their organisations.

At its launch on July 29th, the pledge had already been signed by 70 senior representatives from over 20 IP organizations as well as by the Chief Executives of the patent and trade mark professionals’ representative bodies CIPA and CITMA.

The Leaders’ Pledge was created by a “think tank” that consists of senior leaders from private sector IP practices, who recognise the key role they can play in improving diversity and inclusion in their particular section of the IP professions. It is a commitment entered into by individuals not organisations. Intended for signature by managing partners, chief executives and others in senior, decision-making roles, it includes a promise to work alongside more junior colleagues to effect positive change. It can be signed by as many individuals from the leadership team as appropriate: the more the better.

The Leaders’ Pledge consists of eight high-level commitments. For full details see below. Alongside each of these, a signatory commits to one or more practical steps they will take to fulfil their pledge.

Jonathan’s Voice recognizes the importance of each of the eight commitments. The one that particularly relates to our work as a mental health charity is commitment no. 4 in the Leaders’ Pledge which is “building trust and safe spaces throughout the organisation“. One of our key objectives is to create a mentally healthy working environment. This commitment sits solidly within that objective We are greatly encouraged by the Leaders’ Pledge because we know that when senior leaders are invested in a process then real change will happen. .

As an IP focused charity, we are keen to offer support to organizations as they seek to fulfil that commitment of the pledge. We have already published a guide on workplace mental wellbeing, tailored specially for leaders and managers. It has been very well received. You can download the guide here https://jonathansvoice.org.uk/resources or order free copies.

We also welcome the opportunity to speak with senior leaders and provide tailored advice, support and training for your organisation – again, for free. We are keen to ensure that mental health, like any other aspect of inclusivity, is championed from the top. Please contact the team via our website  https://jonathansvoice.org.uk/  or email val@jonthansvoice.org. Andrea Brewster abrewsteripinclusive@gmail.com would also be happy to pass on any requests.

To see the eight commitments and more detail about the Pledge go to https://ipinclusive.org.uk/newsandfeatures/the-ip-inclusive-senior-leaders-pledge/

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