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Looking After Yourself In Current Times

Here at Jonathan’s Voice we aim to promote mental well-being in the workplace and beyond.

Now, more than ever it is important that look after our own mental well-being, and that of others as well.

The news and social media are full of stories, advice and guidance and it can be difficult to know whether these sources are reliable. Both the Government website on Covid-19 and the NHS give the most recent reliable advice and should help you to navigate your way through the wealth of information, avoiding misinformation.

We will all be experiencing and coping with the Covid-10 pandemic in different ways. For a lot of us, it is a stressful and scary time. The Mental Health Foundation provide clear and helpful advice on a number of topics about how to look after yourself and others.

Many of us share a common theme in that we are either working from home or being at home having been furloughed. The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust has produced a very supportive action plan for working from home.

The Oxford Anxiety Disorders and Trauma Group  give very helpful suggestions for looking after yourself , especially with how to use or look at  media and social media sources.

If it might help to talk to someone, the free LawCare helpline (0800 279 68888) is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm for all legal professionals, including those in the intellectual property and trade mark sector.

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