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Menopause – the light we shone

On 17 October 2023, IP Inclusive hosted a joint webinar with Jonathan’s Voice to mark World Menopause Day. In “Shining a Light on the Menopause” we learn’t more about the menopause and perimenopause, and heard from a panel of IP professionals about their personal experiences and suggestions.

The webinar was chaired by Penelope Aspinall, mental health consultant and trainer at Jonathan’s Voice. She chaired a panel of eight women from across the IP profession who shared their thoughts and experiences.

Below is an outline of the event and the topics discussed. It draws on the excellent summary written for IP Inclusive by Helen Smith. We are grateful to IP Inclusive and to Helen for being able to share it here.

  • Female and employee life cycle
  • Workplace issues and supporting employees
  • Panel discussion
  • Breakout rooms

To read the full summary and see a list of the panellists please go to https://ipinclusive.org.uk/newsandfeatures/menopause-the-light-we-shone/

Note: whilst this article and the webinar refers to “women”, it is important to recognise that not everyone who is affected by menopause identifies as a woman – it can impact our non-binary and trans colleagues too.

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