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Mental Health and Wellbeing Calendar 2024

What we can offer on these days

January is traditionally a time for resolutions, good intentions and a new calendar year. One of the calendars that is becoming increasingly important is that of International or UK days to remind us to focus on our mental health.

2024 Mental Health and Wellbeing Calendar

  • Time to Talk Day: 1st February 2024
  • Neurodiversity Celebration Week: 18-24th March 2024
  • Stress Awareness Month: April 2024
  • Mental Health Awareness Week: 13-19th May 2024 (Theme; Movement: moving more for our mental health)
  • World Suicide Prevention Day: 10th September 2024
  • International Happiness at Work Week: 23-27th September 2024
  • World Mental Health Day: 10th October 2024
  • Stress Awareness Day: 6th November 2024

These dates, and all the media coverage that goes with them, help us bring mental health to the foreground. Perhaps on one of these days you could promote awareness of stress or mental health in your organisation by arranging some training, online or in person, for staff to help them focus on ways to understand and care for their own mental health or the mental health of others.

If you are stuck for ideas on how to do this, we can help. Jonathan’s Voice is a charity with a focus on raising awareness on supporting mental health in the workplace within the IP profession. For more information about us, please check out our website: https://jonathansvoice.org.uk/

We have a series of off-the-shelf presentations which we can tweak to be appropriate for your needs or we can create something bespoke.  We deliver online (usually by Zoom) or in person. More information here. https://jonathansvoice.org.uk/training-consultancy

As well as the sessions advertised, we have additional webinars on areas such as Procrastination, Perfectionism and Imposter syndrome.  We are also developing a series of 60-minute skills-based sessions for line managers, senior leaders, trainers and supervisors. If you want to discuss how we might be of help to you or find out more please drop us an email info@jonathansvoice.org.uk and we will get back to you.

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