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Nottingham Forest Community Trust provides a safe place to meet and talk

As all his friends and family know, Jonathan was a fanatical Nottingham Forest fan. In April 2018, we shared the tragic story of Jonathan’s death by suicide in a Forest Matchday programme. Since then Nottingham Forest Community Trust (NFCT) have wholeheartedly embraced the issue of mental health in the local community which has resulted in a number of great initiatives. The most recent is the.

“It’s Tricky to Talk” – Tricky Hub

The Community Trust writes

On Monday 1st May, alongside Nottingham Forest Football Club, we started our new mental health campaign, It’s Tricky Talk, to encourage fans to talk more openly about mental health problems and seek support after hearing the heart-breaking stories of Forest fans, Jonathan McCartney and William Garvey who sadly took their own lives.

Following the launch of our new Mental Health campaign ‘It’s Tricky to Talk’ we are pleased to announce our biweekly meet up here at The City Ground. The Tricky Hub will be an informal and relaxed social hub for people living with mental health issues or generally struggling with life. The hub will be open to anyone aged 18+ and will be an opportunity to socialise in a safe, comfortable and familiar environment.

The details are as follows;

Date | Thursday 15th August
Time | 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Location | The City Ground, NG2 5FJ

What an amazing thing to do! Thank you, Nottingham Forest Community Trust, for providing this fantastic facility in a comfortable environment. We wish this initiative every success.

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