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Supporting the wellbeing and mental health of men in the Intellectual Property professions

A fantastic November 2022 LawCare report: “Men’s mental health in the legal profession” has led to a spotlight being shone on the wellbeing and mental health of men in the legal professions. Following on from that report and its findings, Jonathan’s Voice and IP Inclusive want to delve deeper into what can be done for men in the IP professions, using a round-table discussion to seek views on particular challenges and opportunities as well as possible formats of engagement.

We are particularly looking for people who are part of the IP profession and who identify as men to be involved. Although we very much appreciate that women can be strong and important allies on our journey, for this initial conversation we would prefer to receive input with that narrow focus. We do however welcome participation from a wide range of IP sector roles and career levels.

A roundtable discussion to be facilitated by Jonathan’s Voice and IP Inclusive will be held on Wednesday May 3rd between 12.00 and 1.30 pm. Further details are found here 

If you would like to be part of the conversation, please email ipinclusiveevents@gmail.com to receive dial-in details.

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