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Another win for Forest…

And it’s not just about the goals. Nottingham Forest Community Trust continue their important work in raising the awareness of mental wellbeing among the their community and providing opportunities for their supporters to get together and talk about their own mental wellbeing.  

As his friends know, Jonathan was an avid supporter of Nottingham Forest. Shortly after he died, we approached the club for their support in encouraging men to speak out about mental health. The club had recently been approached by another family in similar circumstances to our own. In April 2018 both men’s death by suicide were featured in a Forest Matchday programme.  Since then Nottingham Forest Community Trust (NFCT) have continued to embrace the issue of mental health in the local community. The “It’s tricky to talk” video and the “It’s tricky to talk” – tricky hub were launched. The tricky hub is an informal biweekly meet up at the City Ground. NFCT has a specific section on his website dedicated to mental health and wellbeing https://nottinghamforestcommunitytrust.co.uk/programmes/health-wellbeing/ 

On a recent visit to the City Ground, it was great to see that the “It’s tricky to talk” video campaign is still going strong being featured on the big screens during the match. You can watch it here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZnaKfyrzFY 

The work that NFCT have undertaken in promoting mental health and wellbeing is such a valued part of Jonathan’s legacy, with which he would be quietly pleased. We are deeply grateful to the Community Trust for all the wonderful work they have done.

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